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Entrants Guide of Spring City (Jinan) Marathon 2019

Time:2019/7/9 19:15:48

Entrants Guide of Spring City (Jinan) Marathon 2019

I. Event Information


1. Race date and location

Race date: 7:30 am, Saturday, November 2, 2019

Location: Jinan


2. Race events and scale

Marathon (42.195km): 6000

Half Marathon (21.0975km): 6000

Mini Marathon (5km): 8000


3. Race group

Men’s Marathon

Women’s Marathon

Men’s Half Marathon

Women’s Half Marathon

Mini Marathon


4. Start and finish and race course

To be determined


II. Participation requirements


1. Participant age requirements:


(1) Marathon participants shall be over 20 years old (born before December 31, 1999);


(2) Half Marathon participants shall be over 16 years old (born before December 31,2003);


(3) The mini marathon program is age-free (under 16 years old (born after December 31, 2003) minors sign up for the mini marathon and ask their guardians or legal representatives to sign up for the mini marathon to accompany them);



(1) Participants must register with valid documents in accordance with the age regulations for each item.


(2) Minors under the age of 18 are required to enter the race. When receiving the entries before the race, their guardians or legal representatives must sign the disclaimer to receive the entries and participate in the race.


2. Requirements for runners’ physical conditions:


The marathon and related sports competition is a sport that constantly challenges its limits and has a higher risk. If you don't exercise properly, you may damage your body to varying degrees and even endanger your life. Therefore, marathon and related sports participants should be healthy and have the basis for regular exercise or training. Participants should conduct a physical examination at a qualified formal medical institution and assess their physical condition with a medical report to confirm whether they can participate in the marathon and related sports competitions.


Participants with following symptoms and conditions are not suggested taking part in the events:


(1) Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;


(2) Hypertension and cardio-vascular disease;


(3) Myocarditis and other heart diseases;


(4) Coronary artery disease and serious cardiac arrhythmia;


(5) Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia diabetics;


(6) Patients of catching a cold within two weeks before the competition date;


(7) Drinking a lot of alcohol or lack of sleep the night before the competition;


(8) Pregnant women;


(9) Patients of other diseases unfit for sports.


All participants shall be liable for personal injury and property loss caused by personal health condition or other personal reasons during the event. Before the entry, participants are required to have physical check-up (including electrocardiographic examination) in qualified medical institutions, and make a self-evaluation to confirm if the physical condition is suitable for the event of their choice.


III. Registration:


(1) Registration quota

Marathon: 6000 quota, Half marathon: 6000 quota, Mini marathon: 8000 quota, Player qualifications are confirmed by lottery.


(2) Registration time

Registration time: 10:00a.m, July 31, 2019 --- 17:00a.m. August 15th, 2019, the absence of registration is considered a waiver of registration.

The result of the winning result is announced: 10:00a.m, August 30.


(3) Registration Method

Runners log on to the official website of the event to register - read and agree to the " Entrants Guide", " Participants’ Declaration", " Risk Warning" and fill out all the registration information and pay the fee according to the requirements - the lottery - the winning player logs in to the official website after the registration Check the entry number, and the unsigned player will refund the registration fee.


(4) Entry Fee:

Marathon: 120 CNY/ 25 USD 1 person

Half Marathon: 100 CNY/ 20 USD 1 person

Mini Marathon: 60 CNY/ 10 USD 1 person


(5) Result inquiry

Marathon and half marathon runners can log in to Spring City (Jinan) Marathon 2019 official website 24 hours after the race.


(6) Note:


1) The number of entries cannot be transferred, only for the competition.


2) The registration fee will not be refunded after the player is signed.


3) Applicants must fill in the personal registration information in a true and accurate manner to ensure that the information of the contestants and the event information of the organizing committee are sent to the runners in a timely and accurate manner. If the personal information is falsely reported, the qualifications will be cancelled.


4) Applicants must clearly accept the application form of the lottery and agree with the result of the draw.


5) The public welfare quotas for 100 marathon projects will be opened for this event. The public welfare places will be exempted from lottery, and the qualifications for the marathon project can be directly obtained. The quotas will expire immediately after the information is confirmed. For details, please refer to the follow-up official website notice.


6) In order to protect the rights and interests of the sponsors of the event, in addition to the sponsors appointed by the organizing committee, there shall be no other forms of commercial propaganda with the publicity of the Spring City (Jinan) Marathon, including but not limited to flags and banners. , balloons, models and other items. Violations will be forfeited and the offender will be disqualified.

Runners who meet the requirements of the Spring City (Jinan) Marathon Elite Runner (Half Marathon) can pass through the half marathon of this competition. After the registration, they do not need to participate in draw. After the payment channel is opened, they will be eligible to participate in the competition (the registration for the marathon still needs to be completed).


IV. Race Packs Collection

Runners shall pick up their race packs (including bibs, timing chips, Participants Guide, etc.) at the designated place three days before the race. For details, please refer to Race Packs Pick-up Guide and announcements from the official website.


V. Insurance

The Organizing Committee will insure all entrants and staff members for personal accident insurance. The policy is subject to the registration information. When the wrong registration information causes the insurance to be insured, the responsibility is at your own risk. Please refer to the official website of Spring City (Jinan) Marathon before the competition.


VI Contact information

The Organizing Committee of Spring City (Jinan) Marathon 2019

Telephone Number: 0531-88282226

Office opening times: Monday to Friday, from 9:30-11:30, 14:00-17:30

Official Website: www.jn-marathon.com

Official Email: zwh@jn-marathon.com


VII. Matters not covered shall be notified separately.

Note: The Organizing Committee of Spring City (Jinan) Marathon 2019 reserves the rights to interpret the aforementioned matters.